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    Synlok SL-420 / SL-520 (2 part)

    • No Mixing, No Mess!

    • Installation and Repair Systems

    • Tack in 5 Minutes (Repair Systems)

    • Tack in 20 Minutes (Installation Systems)

    TurfClaw 75 (1 part)

    • Quick Tack

    • Strongest Bond Among All Single Part Adhesives

    • Full Cure Bond in 24 Hours

    • Solid Grab In 2 Hours

From Owner to Installer, You Deserve the Best - SynLok Adhesives!

Thanks for visiting our website.  At SynLok Adhesives, we combine the latest in adhesives research & development with our innovative thinking and years of practical, hands-on artificial turf installation experience.  The result?  Products that are revolutionizing the synthetic turf installation industry one seam at a time!

Not sure whether you need a 1-part or 2-part adhesive for your project?  Click on the button above and let our experts help you decide.  Regardless of the final selection, feel good about knowing that you'll be using a solvent-free and environmentally-friendly adhesive on your project.  And not just any synthetic turf adhesive - the BEST!  Click here to see how our TurfClaw and SL 420/520 products stack up against the competition.

Are you a synthetic turf industry professional?  If so, check out the secure zone part of our site by clicking on your appropriate designation at the very top and come explore a wealth of information and tools we designed just for you!

If there is any type of special assistance you need, please fill out a Contact Us Form and someone from SynLok Adhesives will be in touch right away.

"We are recommending the adhesive for your seams on any product you install be a product called Turf Claw 75. This environmental friendly green glue was superior to 10 of the glue manufactures we tested. This product will improve your chances of seams looking more professional. Lab tests have shown it improves the longevity and strength of your seam."

Jimmy Rodgers,
President, Synthetic Turf International


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